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The Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation

The Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation (MCRF) raises money to improve health by encouraging research into the medicinal uses of cannabis and cannabinoids & raising public awareness.

Why cannabis research is needed, who supports it, information on previous and current research and how to apply to the MCRF for a research grant.

Learn about the benefits of using portable vaporizers and vape pens as opposed to smoking

Get the answers to a number of FAQs about the MCRF and cannabis.

The MCRF is a new charity and unlike many established foundations we do not have a regular stream of income from assets and endowments. Research depends entirely on the donations and grants we receive.


The House of Lords established the Select Committee on Medicinal Cannabis to investigate the scientific and medical evidence for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in 1998. Over the following months the Committee heard evidence from patients, medical professionals, patient groups and other organisations with expertise in this field and in November 1998 their conclusions and recommendations were published. 

The findings of the Select Committee were extremely supportive of further research into the medicinal uses of cannabis. One recommendation was that 'clinical trials of cannabis for the treatment of MS and chronic pain should be mounted as a matter of urgency'. (It is important to note that the Committee considered only the medicinal uses of cannabis and felt that this was an entirely separate issue from recreational use.) 

The MCRF was formed as a direct response to the House of Lords Select Committee, on which all five of our Trustees served, in order to promote scientific medicinal cannabis research. 

The Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation (MCRF):

  • is a UK registered charity set up to promote and sponsor medicinal cannabis research and to raise public awareness
  • is concerned only with the medicinal uses of cannabis and has no policy or opinion on recreational use
  • neither encourages nor condones the illegal use of cannabis
  • believes mounting anecdotal and scientific evidence of the benefits of medicinal cannabis should be used to direct further research
  • awards grants for high-quality research that will help make medicinal cannabis legally available as quickly as possible to those in need
  • relies entirely on the generosity of its supporters to award research grants.

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